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Polo-Shirt Supplier

A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, is a T-shaped shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth (rather than woven cloth), usually piqué cotton or, less commonly, silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers.

The beauty of polo shirts is that they have remained grounded in their mission, yet have managed to progress with the times. Today’s polo shirts are stylish, transcend different needs and accommodate every man’s lifestyle. Polo shirts give men convenience, style and functionality, regardless if it’s in the office or on the streets. And it’s this versatility that makes them one of the main pillars of men’s fashion, honestly.


Polo Shirts at NM Fashion:

Located in the territory of Bangladesh and working since many years, N M Fashion is trusted by international clients at a large scale. We provide a wide range of the gents’ suits, pants, ladies suits, children garments, and garments for young girls, garments for young boys and jogging suits as well as night suits in a wide range. We also offer many designs and a wide range of polo shirts to choose from.

Polo shirts are our middle-of-the-road saving grace. Less dressy than a button-up and more formal than a graphic tee, polo shirts are possibly the most versatile clothing option for men. With jeans and shorts, they elevate your style level to dressy casual; with dress pants or khakis, they lessen the formality of the situation to business casual. They have been a defining element of men’s fashion for years. Even more appropriate, polo shirts have the versatility to transition from conference room to putting green. In fact, the shirt’s pedigree is authentically athletic that it only stands to reason that it resonates so strongly with guys. It’s the long-standing tradition of polo shirts with men’s fashion that makes them a necessary wardrobe item to possess.

We care for your polo shirt priorities:

It has been noticed that the majority of the customers of N M Fashion have the following demands:

1. Quality garments suitable for all age groups, available in all colors, designs and styles.

2. Negotiable and affordable rates are the right of the customers. The garments with high rates have less chance to be purchased and the customers always wish to have some competitive prices for the out fits they purchase.

3. High quality of fabrics and production is another must requirements of our customers.

4. Flexibility to choose from a wide range of designs, styles and color combination.

So, if you a sports person and looking for some fashion oriented polo shirts, then NM Fashion is the final destination for you. We are the most trustable fashion factory in Bangladesh. Also we are well known and trusted for our export quality outfits and polo shirts. Almost all countries’ big markets and fashion show rooms rely upon the brands, outfits as well as the clothes of NM Fashion.